A Letter to Our Customers


We have forged a deep friendship with your esteemed companies through long-time cooperation. Thank you for your continuous trust and support as always. 

Currently, the prevention and control of the Covid-19 outbreak is at a critical point. Under determined implementation of relevant regulations of the authorities at all levels and our mother group on Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, CERI's top management has firmly stated: under the precondition of safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, we will make every effort to ensure CERI’s business operation, especially the progress of our major projects, and work together with our clients to overcome difficulties.

Facing the sudden Covid-19 outbreak, CERI has responded promptly and taken effective measures in a decisive manner. We have established management on-duty system at all levels to timely solve problems in our business operation. A 24-hour information-based response mechanism has been launched to ensure a smooth and orderly operation of our remote, mobile, and multi-point work. A mobile video conference platform has been launched promptly, so that our internal conferences can be conducted as normal yet just in a remote and multiple-point manner, ensuring a smooth and unhindered process of company decision-making and project communication; and this platform also facilitates the organization of remote conferences with our clients. Based on company information platform, CERI’s various operations, such as BIM design, scheduling, engineering, drawing issuance, approval and decision-making, are now being carried out orderly in a remote and mobile manner.

In view of the characteristics of the design and engineering work, many of our employees have worked overtime at home during the Spring Festival, and then been working continuously during the later extended leave, making every effort to push the design and engineering progress forward. Our account managers have been constantly responding to our customers' needs. Our project management have been keeping in constant touch with our clients, been paying attention to the resumption of work, and made full preparations for the next-step job to promote the projects in a reasonable and orderly way.

Even though you are miles apart from us, you are never far from our heart. The epidemic did not and will not stop our original intention of thinking what you think, as well as providing high quality services as always. No matter when and where we are, we will stick to our working posts, fulfill our responsibilities, respond to your needs with sincerity, and fulfill our promises with actions. In this regard, we would like to earnestly request you, our clients and friends, to provide maximum help and support to us on site in procurement of epidemic prevention supplies, personnel accommodations and other aspects.

Deep sorrow leads to enlightenment and deep distress rejuvenates a nation. As one of the state-owned enterprises, CERI will take its responsibilities to control the epidemic without negligence, to operate the business timely and to serve our customers wholeheartedly. During the days of fighting with the Covid-19, we commit ourselves to reduce the epidemic impact on project implementation to the greatest extent with a hundred-fold spirit and better service continuously, in order to repay our customers' long-time care, support and kindness.

Yours Sincerely,

Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited (CERI)

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One new reference of CERI's blast furnace longevity technology

On March 1, the blast furnace No.1 designed by CERI in Tianjin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. was officially blown-down and shutdown, completing its first campaign in 17 years and one month. The first campaign of 2000m³ blast furnace No. 1 in Tiangang is 17 years and 1 month, with a total output of 2.50963 million tons of qualified hot metal and a unit capacity of 12,500 tons of iron, reaching the world recognized standard of long life blast furnace.

Recently, CERI is carrying out the overhaul of the blast furnace under the EPC contract.



The hot test for EPC project of new caster No. 3 completed in Longteng Special Steels

On January 16, the hot load test of Changshu Longteng Special Steel Co., Ltd., which was EPC contracted by CERI, was successful, including billet section of 150mm×150mm, 180mm×180mm and 170mm×280mm. So far, the 4 continuous casting machines equipped by Longteng Special Steel Co., Ltd., whose curved radius include three series of R9M, R10M and R12M, are all provided by CERI for design, supply, installation, commissioning and project management.

CERI undertook the overall process design, mechanical equipment design, EIC equipment design, complete set of equipment supply, installation and commissioning, site construction management, process operation software programming and operation process guidance of the project.


99,000m³ single-stage converter gas holder in operation at Shanxi Jianlong

On January 22, the 99,000m³ single-stage converter gas holder independently developed and contracted by CERI was successfully delivered and put into production in Shanxi Jianlong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. This is the first set of 100,000-cubic meter single-stage rubber membrane sealed gas holder in CERI. The piston balance deviation of the gas holder is less than 15 mm, the drift deviation is less than 10 mm, and the leakage is less than 0.05%. The operating data show that the key indexes of the single-stage converter holder of CERI are far superior to the industry standards in piston drift, rotation, tilt, maximum operating speed and so on.


The blast furnace shell started installation in Linyi I & S

On February 1, the blast furnace shell of Linyi Iron & Steel Investment Special Steel and Special Steel Project, which is EPC contracted by CERI, was successfully hoisted into place. The iron making includes one 2770m³ BF and 4 hot stoves, ore storage (coke) bunker system, main belt conveyor and other auxiliary facilities.


CERI signed EPC contract of reheating furnace for the widest stainless steel hot-rolling line

On November 17, CERI and Jiangsu Delong Nickel Co., Ltd. signed the EPC contract of 2,550mm hot rolled reheating furnace at Xiangshui Deli New Material Co., Ltd.

The stainless steel hot rolling project of Xiangshui Deli New Material Co., Ltd. will be the world's largest production line with annual output of 4.5 million tons after completion and the widest stainless steel hot rolling project in the industry. The three walking beam reheating furnaces built by CERI will also be the most productive and the widest stainless steel hot rolled reheating furnaces in the industry.


The hot test for caster No.3 completed at Chengde Jianlong

On December 26, the hot load test of square & round billet continuous caster No. 3 newly built at Chengde Jianlong, designed and supplied by CERI, was carried out smoothly. This caster is a five-strand curved continuous caster with square and round compatibility.

CERI is responsible for the design and supply of all the equipment on the platform and the rear area of continuous casting machine No.3. CERI is responsible for the design of the water, electricity, air and other systems of supporting plants.


The hot test for slab caster No.2 completed at Guangxi I & S Fangchenggang

The hot test of slab caster No. 2 contracted by CERI was successful completed at one time at Guangxi Iron & Steel Fangchenggang. The hot test section is 230x1500mm. A series of mature and advanced technologies and equipment with fully independent intellectual property rights of CERI are selected for the project.


Energy-saving and environmental protection revamping project of BF No. 5 in operation at Benxi Steel

On November 30, the energy saving and environmental protection revamping project of blast furnace No. 5 at Benxi Steel contracted by CERI was successfully ignited, and went on tapping on December 1st. It marks that the BF No. 5 at Benxi Steel was smoothly operated.

A number of domestic and international advanced technology and completely independent intellectual property rights is adopted for 2,580m3 blast furnace No. 5, such as furnace top pressure equalizing gas recovery technology, bottom filtering residue processing technology, hot stove flue gas reheating furnace, as well as reasonable furnace design, integrated furnace hearth and cylinder structure and longitudinal partition soft water closed circulation cooling and a series of high efficiency, long life furnace body technology.


The hot test for cold rolling project completed in AMP Company of Uzbekistan

On January 26, Azia Metal Prof cold rolling project in Uzbekistan contracted by CERI in EP mode succeeded in a hot load test successfully at one time.

The annual output of pickling and cold rolled products is 200,000 tons. The products are mainly used for cold plate processing, raw materials for galvanizing, sandwich composite plate and color steel plate. The equipment is independently researched and developed by CERI and has independent intellectual property rights.

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CERI support steel enterprises win the Gold Cup Award for Metallurgical Products

Recently, the China iron and steel association released the metallurgical product quality brand cultivating product list in 2020. The 10 steel products after being named the annual golden cup "excellent product" has brought together the tip equipment parts and materials to support China ocean engineering, oil and natural gas and the railway passenger car. CERI involved in the construction work as many as five golden cup "excellent products" production lines.

Metallurgical product physical quality identification activity is the China Iron and Steel Industry Association in the iron and steel industry organization to carry out the identification and evaluation activity, and is also the only evaluation activity for the quality identification of steel industry physical product in domestic; this honor is called metallurgical products "golden statue" by "China Metallurgical News".


CERI ranked among the top 100 engineering consulting firms in China

Recently, CERI was listed on the Top 100 list of China's engineering consulting institutions in 2020. It is reported that the ranking is based on the units that have been selected into the China Engineering Consulting Association's Grade A credit list, taking into account the revenue scale, brand value, social influence, innovation ability and other factors.

Engineering consulting refers to the intellectual service activities in which the organization uses the knowledge and experience of engineering technology, science and technology, economic management, laws and regulations and other disciplines to continuously provide partial or overall solutions for the client in the stage of project investment decision-making, construction implementation and even operation and maintenance.


CERI will build the world's first hydrogen energy development and utilization project

On December 7, CERI and Tangshan Iron & Steel International, a joint venture led by CERI, won the bid for the demonstration project of Hydrogen Energy Development and Utilization Project at Hegang. Replacing conventional carbon sources with hydrogen energy, the project will significantly reduce carbon emissions from the manufacturing process.

This project will carry out innovative research and development from the whole process and process of distributed green energy utilization, low-cost hydrogen production, gas purification, direct reduction of hydrogen, carbon dioxide removal and deep processing, water treatment, etc.


CERI became China's first "Three Comprehensive and One Special" enterprise

On December 4, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued Announcement on the approval of the 9th group of construction engineering enterprise qualification list in 2020, CERI has successfully obtained the "General Contracting Super-grade Qualification of Metallurgical Engineering Construction". The super-grade qualification is the highest qualification of China's construction enterprises approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and it is also an important index to measure the overall strength of the general contract management of construction of enterprises.

CERI has become the first engineering technology enterprise in China with the qualifications of "Comprehensive Grade A of Engineering Consulting", "Comprehensive Grade A of Engineering Design", "Comprehensive Grade A of Engineering Supervision" and "Special Grade of General Contracting for Construction".


CERI maintains top spots in 2020 consulting, survey and design rankings respectively

On June 19, the list of “China Top 100 companies of whole process engineering consulting industry in 2020” and “China Top 50 companies of engineering survey and design industry in 2020” jointly organized and selected by and was released. CERI stood out from 8255 enterprises (including 701 survey and design enterprises) by virtue of its outstanding performance, strong comprehensive ability, excellent talent team and clear service mode, ranking the third in survey and design and being on the list of consulting respectively.

Possessing strong design technical strength is the inherent advantage of a engineering survey company being transformed to a whole process engineering consulting enterprise. As a leading enterprise in the national survey and design industry, CERI, oriented in customer demand, has been continuously practicing the “all-round” service mode. In May 2017, CERI was recognized as one of the first batch of “whole process engineering consulting pilot enterprises” by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China. The business chain covers the whole process of engineering investment, engineering consulting, engineering investigation, engineering design, EPC, project management, complete equipment supply, engineering supervision, operation and maintenance as well as related technical and management services, environmental impact assessment of construction projects, computer information system integration, etc.

These honors and awards are the affirmation of CERI for its comprehensive strength and development prospect, as well as the recognition of CERI for its high-quality service and strong competitiveness.


The scientific and technological achievement of CERI in "Research and Application of Converter Primary Flue Gas and Dust Ultra-low Emission Technology" reaches the international advanced level

On April 24, The Chinese Society for Metals held a meeting to evaluate the scientific and technological achievements, and the meeting experts agreed that the scientific and technological achievements of CERI in "the Research and Application of Converter Primary Flue Gas and Dust Ultra-low Emission Technology" reached the international advanced level. The technology reduces the dust emission concentration from 20 to 50 mg /N m3 to ≤10 mg /N m3. The research results have been successfully applied in Anyang I&S, Anshan I&S, Jiyuan I&S, Shanxi Jianlong, Shanxi Tongcai, Shanxi Jingang and many other steel enterprises.


CERI appeared in the third green intelligent manufacturing development and application forum

On Dec.19, Sponsored by the Design Committee of China Metallurgical Construction Association, "the third green intelligent manufacturing development and application forum". The conference mainly takes the form of thematic reports and interactive exchanges, giving full play to the leading role of leading enterprises, establishing a platform for in-depth docking between design enterprises and steel production enterprises, and establishing a platform for extensive integration between design enterprises and universities.

CERI's "micro-crystal adsorption gas source comprehensive treatment technology", "smart grid control platform (CSiPOWER) technology" and "smart rod workshop solutions" were all on the forum. Engineering and technology companies represented by CERI and professors and experts from iron and steel production enterprises and universities give full play to the exemplary driving role in the form of keynote reports and share advanced technologies in green and intelligence.


The release conference of data management platform for mechanical design (CM-PDM) was held by CERI

The release conference of data management platform for mechanical design (CM-PDM ) was held on Dec. 25 by CERI.

CM-PDM platform is the system that unified manages the mechanical design process and results. Platform will include all 2D and 3D design data platform management, customize a unified design process and design templates, get through the published design platform and production management system and drawing archiving system data channel, will participate in multiple human automatic implementation, to simplify the process of link and to implement the effective management of design data and accurate delivery. The 3D parametric design based on CM-PDM platform effectively solves the previous design difficulties and pain points, and greatly improves the design efficiency. After the launch of CM-PDM platform, it will standardize the design process, improve the design efficiency, and make the design results better serve the company's products and engineering.


Scientific and technological achievements of CERI have reached the international advanced level

On Dec. 17, the Chinese Society for Metals held a scientific and technological achievements evaluation meeting in Beijing and evaluated the scientific and technological achievements of CERI. The expert group of evaluation agreed that the three scientific and technological achievements of CERI have reached the international advanced level on the whole, among which the single pass flexible rolling technology of high-speed bar has reached the international leading level.

The experts of the evaluation group listened to the report of the research group and reviewed the evaluation data. They think the core technology and equipment of "high-speed bar rolling line of development and application" project researched and developed by CERI solve the key technical problems, such as low rolling speed of traditional bar, low accuracy and lack of flexibility, and successfully applied in other four companies, for example Shanxi Jincheng Fu Sheng Steel Co., Ltd. and has a very broad application prospects. The project of "development and application of slab and rectangular billet composite continuous casting technology and equipment technology" solves the problem that the casting machine is difficult to produce slab and rectangular billet at the same time due to the positioning and fixation of ladle casting system, and realizes the rapid changeover production of slab and rectangular billet, which has a great potential market and application prospect. "The technology development and application of green stock yard and instant balance for efficient storage and transportation process" project, developed to reduce the raw material storage occupation area, reduce feeding equipment, improve the feeding efficiency, optimization of transmission path and clean green efficient transport technology, reduces the cost of raw material storage and transportation system, realized the "storage" and "transportation" can be selected according to requirements, has very significant economic, environmental and social benefits, popularization and application prospect.

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