Underground Space

CERI is dedicated to the technology of a life-cycle underground utility tunnel, providing one-stop quality services in project consulting, planning, design, financing, project management, manufacturing and operation management for urban underground pipe corridor projects. CERI has designed and constructed 55 utility tunnel projects in China with high performance and quality services.

In 1970s, CERI completed the first and large underground utility tunnel system for Baosteel in China. With over 40 years’ experiences and advanced technology in the utility tunnel. CERI has participated in compiling Technical Standard for Urban Utility Tunnel Engineering (GB50838 - 2015) and many other standards. At the same time, CERI developed and designed the segmental precast utility tunnel, steel utility tunnel, shield utility tunnel, smart utility tunnel and other special utility tunnel products with key know-hows.

Key Projects

Shijiazhuang Zhengding New District Underground Pipe Corridor Project

Xi'an Underground Utility Pipe Gallery PPP Project

  • Shijiazhuang Zhengding New District Underground Pipe Corridor Project

    Location: China
    Completion date:2014
    Project scope:
    Total distance is 25km(section 8.0m x 4.2m) for accommodation of main municipal pipeline such as water supply pipes, reclaimed water pipes, heating pipes, power cables (10kV, 110kV) and communication cables and the pipeline positions of centralized cooling, direct drinking water, garbage conveying are reserved in the pipe corridor.
  • Xi'an Underground Utility Pipe Gallery PPP Project

    Location: China
    Completion date: 2030
    Project scope:
    The project is the largest urban underground utility pipe gallery project in China. Newly built trunk-branch line pipe gallery in Tender II of the project is about 73.13km long, and cable pipe gallery is about 182.5km. Gallery entry pipeline includes: almost all municipal pipelines such as water supply, reclaimed water, sewage, heat, power, telecommunication and natural gas pipelines except rainwater.