After-sales services

Quality, safely and timely service is the priority for CERI to serve our clients. CERI offers site maintenance, training, troubleshooting and plant renovation with cost effective services. By providing valuable input at the design phase and ensuring timely capital rehabilitation during the operations period, CERI enhance the operational efficiency and environment friendliness through the whole life cycle.

With extend client resources and experiences, CERI assists clients to establish production and operation systems as well as to provide a full-process consulting service from commissioning, guidance, diagnosis, yield increase, consumption reduction to full product operation.

By leverage professsional expertise from large-scale steel enterprises which have 20 years experience of production operation in China. CERI has the capbility to:

Increase company production operation level

Increase yield and improve product quality

Lower production cost and improve energy efficiency

Improve enterprise-level environment protection

Develop high value added steel grade

Key Projects

4,200mm Heavy Plate Plant Relocation and Revamping Project

Training Service for Indonesia Steel

  • 4,200mm Heavy Plate Plant Relocation and Revamping Project

    Location: China
    Startup date: 2014
    Capacity: 1,200,000t/y
    Project scope:
    Dismantling, revamping, installation and commissioning
    Relocation distance: ~2,000km
    Process equipment relocated: 670,000t
    Achieved functions and precision as "new equipment"
    Less investment compared with new equipment
  • Training Service for Indonesia Steel

    CERI provided comprehensive training for Indonesia Steel EPC project. Phase I training for 337 operators conducted 74 days and Phase II training for 96 days in 7 factory sites and 11 reference sites. Total 10,193 mandays training of simulation exercises and factory practice was implemented.