ECO Solution

  • Air Oxygen Product
  • Gas Holder
  • BF Gas Dry Deduster
  • FGDD
  • BOF Gas Process
  • Combined PG
  • Heat Utilization
  • Water Treatment

CERI has provided more than 160 sets of air-separating units for industrial clients in the field of metallurgy, petrochemical and coal chemical etc. with comprehensive services ranging from consulting, engineering, equipment manufacturing and supply, project management to EPC contracting and financing. CERI has cooperated with top ASU suppliers such as Air Liquide, Linde, BOC, Messer, APCI, Praxair, Hang Yang Group and Fortune. Advanced pipeline stress calculation and analysis techniques, 3D and optimized pipeline design has been applied in CERI’s design. CERI has accumulated engineering experience for extreme climate (such as high altitude and low temperature) and geological conditions (such as collapsible loess, karst landform, etc.).

Key Projects

Luojing 2 X 60,000Nm³/h Air Separation

Yingkou 2 X 60,000Nm³/h Air Separation

Air Liquid 35,000Nm³/h Air Separation (-40ºC)

Middle East EAF Project 6,500Nm³/h Air Separation (+45ºC)

Xiangtan 40,000Nm³/h Air Separation

Indonesia Air Liquid 770t/d Air Separation

With expertise in the field of dry-type gas holder, CERI has completed successfully more than 180 sets of dry-type gas holders in metallurgy, petrochemical and municipal, etc. CERI has three main patents and products including rubber membrane sealing (Wiggins type), thin oil sealing polygon and thin oil sealing circular dry-type gas holders.

Dual-sectional rubber membrane gas holder - Maximum volume 150,000m3 (the largest one used in Asia)

Single-sectional rubber membrane gas holder

Thin oil sealing circular gas holder

Thin oil sealing polygon gas holder

Key Projects

Benxi 20,000m³ Polygon Gas Holder Project

Tianjin 150,000m³ LDG Gas Holder

Tianjin 300,000m³ BFG Gas Holder

CERI offers patented Dry Bag Dedusting system for mini-size to large-size blast furnaces with a series of equipment models such as DN3000mm, DN4000mm, DN5200mm, DN6000mm. All performance indexes are reaching the highest international standards.

Product Advantages

Water and power consumption reduced dramatically

High coal gas sensible heat and large TRT (top gas recovery turbine) power generation capacity resulting in up to 40% higher power output

No need for sludge and sewage treatment facilities

Technical Characteristics of Product

Due to the unique design of filter system, the service life of filtering bags is prolonged by more than 2 years with high dedusting efficiency and dust content of treated gas ≤3mg/Nm3

Dual-side pulse injection for reduced filtering bag back-blowing effect ensuring highest operational efficiency of filtering bags

With filtering bags up to Φ160mm × 7000mm, the footprint and number of repairing points of system equipment are reduced by about 30% compared with conventional blast furnace dedusting systems

Valves of gas system are uniformly arranged at the top of frame structure for a good ventilation effect, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability

Dust conveying system operates in a pneumatic conveying mode (dense phase or lean phase), reducing dust leakage points and environmental impact

Application of comprehensive anti-corrosion measures are reducing the corrosion of gas pipelines and related equipment

Key Projects

Benxi 3200m³ Blast Furnace Bag Dedusting

Korea 6000m³ Blast Furnace Bag Dedusting

Xinjiang 2500m³ No.1 Blast Furnace Bag Dedusting

CERI offers off-gas treatment solution, featuring desulfurization with lime/limestone-gypsum, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) denitrification at medium and low temperature and comprehensive off-gas purification with active carbon, fitting the conditions and environmental requirements of varies industries such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, as well as chemical and power industry.

Key Projects

4# Sintering Machine Desulfurization

Dry-Type Electro-Static Dedusting System for Converter Gas

CERI was involved in the first dry-type converter gas dedusting and recycling system at Baosteel Shanghai. Over a time period of 20 years, CERI has successively completed over 50 sets of dry-type converter gas dedusting systems resulting in market share of more than 30% in China.

Main Technical Features

High off-gas purification efficiency, dust content can be reduced to 5~10 mg/Nm3, and the dust concentration of discharged gas is as low as 20 mg/Nm3

No need for turbid water and sludge treatment facilities, reducing recycling water amount to about one quarter of wet-type technologies

Lower system resistance, energy consumption reduced by 2/3 compared with wet-type technologies

High gas recycling rate (10%)


CERI offers a complete range of products matching with BF converter sizes from 60t to 300t. Based on CERI’s expertise in converter steel-making technologies, a series of explosion prevention models and duplexing & explosion venting control models can be provided.

Rich experiences in design and general contracting which ensuring efficiency and safe operation of dedusting plants

Online remote diagnosis and maintenance support

Semi-Dry Dedusting System for Converter Gas

A new semi-dry dedusting system for converter gas was developed in 2010, and then successfully applied to a 120t converter dedusting project. By combining the rich technological and operational experience with OG wet and LT dry dedusting systems, stable and excellent environment-friendly dedusting effect is achieved.

Key Projects

Inner Mongolia 100t Converter Dry-Type Gas Cleaning and Recycling Project

120t Converter Dry-Type Gas Cleaning and Recycling Project

Jiangyin 160t Converter Dry-Type Gas Dedusting Project

Converter Half-Dry-Type Gas Dedusting Project

Zhangjiagang Converter Half-Dry-Type Gas Dedusting Project

As an expert in first-class energy conservation and emission reduction, CERI provides a wide range of thermal power generation solutions and combined heat and power co-generation solutions such as:

Energy analysis planning of coal gas, steam and off-gas, etc.

Entire power system diagnosis

Safe grid-connection plans and efficient power station systems

Maximum gradient utilization of energy

Cost reduction and benefit increase

CERI has completed over 100 thermal power plants of different sizes. CERI has been recognized for excellent consulting, design and general contracting of metallurgical industry and other industries.

Key Projects

Pingxiang Cogeneration and Low Pressure Steam Power Generation Project

Waste Heat Utilization Technology

High temperature waste heat recycling and utilization including

Converter flue evaporative cooling system

Full-dry cooler technology

Intermittent smelting furnace off-gas waste heat recovery

Intermitent waste heat recovery and utilization including

Constant temperature composite circulation waste heat recycling technology for sinter plants

Re-heating furnace evaporative cooling and off-gas heat recycling

Low temperature waste heat recovery utilization including

Coking primary cooling water combined heating and cooling system

Blast furnace slag granulating water heat supply system

Blast furnace shell waste energy heat supply system

Key Projects

Handan 150MW CCPP Project

Haicheng Power Generation Project with Energy Utilization

Hebei 65MW High Voltage Generation Project

CERI has committed to extensive R&D on technologies for industrial sewage, wastewater treatment and recycling, and related products, including

Fresh water treatment plants

Water softening plants

Water demineralization plants

Wastewater treatment and recycling plants

Advanced treatment and recycling of reclaimed city water

Coking wastewater treatment and concentrated salt water treatment

Key Projects

Tianjin Strong Brine Recycling Optimization Project

Yingkou Water Treatment EPC Project