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Product name
Wind turbine
Product series / specifications1.5MW/2.0MW/2.7MW
Product Features(Technical Features)Independent research and development wind turbine series products;
Compact structure, small size, light weight, high efficiency;
Stator, rotor windings and bearings are provided with PT100 temperature measurement components, which can do real-time monitoring for the motor windings and bearing temperature;
The stator and rotor windings have novel insulation structure and the electrical performance of windings is improved.
Wide speed range can smoothly adjust active power and reactive power;
The cooling circuit design is simple, the cooling performance is good, and the stable operation performance of the motor is improved;
Set the bearing automatic grease injection system;
For -40 ℃ ~ +50 ℃ ambient temperature, used in wind field with wind and sand.
Built-in lightning protection devices and alarm devices, which ensure all-weather safe operation of the motor function.

The main performance indicators 
1.5MW double-feed asynchronous air-cooled type
1.5MW double-feed asynchronous air-cooled type
2.0MW double-feed asynchronous air-cooled type
2.7MW air - water cooling double - feed asynchronous type
Rated frequency50Hz50Hz50Hz50Hz
Rated frequency1560kW1560kW2100kW2700kW
Power factor1.0 (-0.9~1.0~0.9)1.0 (-0.9~1.0~0.9)1.0 (-0.9~1.0~0.9)1.0
Rated voltage690V+5%690V+5%690V+5%690V
Rotor open circuit voltage2000V2000V2015V2000V
Rated current1096V1090V1583V1974V
Rotor current413A414A570A736A
Speed range1000-2000r/min1500-2000r/min1000-2000r/min700-1310r/min
Insulation classH/HH/HH/HH/H
Working systemsS1S1S1S1
Stator / rotor connection method△/Y△/Y△/Y△/Y
Level of protectionIP54 (collecting ring cover IP23)IP54 (collecting ring cover IP23)IP54 (collecting ring cover IP23)
IP54 (collecting ring cover IP23)
Type of coolingIC616Water coolingIC616Air-water cooling
Outline dimension3373*1596*1890mm2650*920*1100mm3373*1596*1890mm3250*1667*1737mm
Product type
Product name
Specifications and models
Hydropower complete equipmentWater guide mechanism, spindle, wheel body, seat ring and volute, turbine runner and so on200MW below Francis, 70MW below axial flow, 40 MW below squirrel-cage entire set of generating units
Manufacture and reformation of hydroelectric generators