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Product name
Heading machine
Product display
Product series/specificationEBZ45 type, EBZ55 type, EBZ75 type, EBZ100 type, EBZ150 type, EBZ160 type, EBZ200 type, and EBZ230 type
Product introduction (function and application)Used to excavate the semi-coal seam, solid rock and stone head with lower hardness, as well as other similar mines and engineering tunnel
Product features/selling points (technical features)Retractable cutting unit
Provided with internal and external spray, intensified external spray and rationally designed external spray form;
Cutting motor and oil pump motor is provided with thermosensitive element for protection, and the system can detect the faults automatically, and be provided with memory function;
Large dip angle on the bottom of insertion board, large ground clearance and powerful gradeability for the complete machine;
The intermediate haulage conveyor is straight in structure, and connected with the insertion board seamlessly, the gantry is high and the transportation is unobstructed.
The body and rear supporting case are welded structure, which are good in rigidity and high in reliability;
Low center of gravity, and good stability of the machine.

Main performance index (performance and main component parameters)
EBZ45 type
EBZ150 type
Total weight

Total length6.97m9.1m10.57m
Total width1.40m2.3m2.65m
Total height1.26m1.8m1.74m
Insertion board1.8m2.9m3.2m
Cutting power45KW150/80KW230KW
Total installed power75KW225KW340KW
Cutting revolution46rpm46/24r/min36rpm
Max positioning cutting height3.6m4.8m4.55m
Max positioning cutting width3.0m5.0m5.8m
Cutting area10.8m210-24m226m2
Cutting hardnessf≤4f≤7f≤9
Loading capacity100m³/h200m³/h252m³/h
Running speed6/10m/min0-7m/min6m/min
Max floor-based quantity240mm300mm257mm
Form of conveyorDouble-strand scraper bladeDouble-strand scraper bladeDouble-strand scraper blade
Form of loadingThree-jaw star wheelThree-jaw star wheelThree-jaw star wheel
Ground contact pressure of track0.14MPa0.14MPa0.147MPa
Fuel tank capacity292L500L650L
Power supply380/660V660/1140V1140V
Oil pump motor power30KW75KW110KW
Hydraulic pressure of internal and external spray1.5MPa3.0/1.5MPa3.0/1.5MPa
Conveyor chain speed60m/min60m/min60m/min
Gantry height320mm380mm400mm
Net load (tons) 363 220
Maximum load capacity (tons) 400 240
Engine manufacturers engine type engine type
Engine type QSK78 QSK60
Engine rated power (kw / hp) 2610/3500 1864/2500
Engine displacement (L) 78 60.2
Electric driving system Siemens (GE)
Transmission ratio 43.7:1 31.875:1
Front suspension Double wishbone independent suspension Double wishbone independent suspension
Back suspension Four - link non - independent suspension Four - link non - independent suspension
High-strength plate and casting and forging combination High-strength plate and casting and forging combination
Tyre 59.80/R63 40.00/R57
56.80/R63 46.90/R57
Vehicle dimensions (L * W * H) mm 15790*9500*7810 14500*7760*6900
Box bucket standard bucket capacity (paperback / stacking) m³ 171/220 105/135
Product type
Product name
Specifications and models
Mining and transportation equipment Electric shovel 12 Li
Detritus equipment Jaw crusher Metso C100 / C110 complete machine
Cone crusher HP300/HP500 complete machine
Grinding attachment Ball grinding mill 4M-9.6M
Vertical mill VTM1500-400