Metal Equipment

  • Cast Steel
  • Forged Steel
  • Complete Metallurgical eq
  • Metallurgical Spare Parts
Cast steelContinuous cold and hot rolling mill stand850 ~ 5000ZG270 ~ 500, alloy steel, maximum net weight of casting: 400t
Bearing block

Marine type casting≤ 503TZG270 ~ 500,17Mn
Cylinder of steam turbine≥300000KWZG15Cr2Mo, 20CrMo
Beam of oil and  hydraulic press and forging machineVariousZG20MnSi, ZG270-500
Runner (body)Axial-flow typeOCr13Ni4Mo
PivotMixed-flow  and axial-flow typeOCr13Ni4Mo
Upper canopy and bottom ringMixed-flow  and axial-flow typeOCr13Ni4Mo
Forge pieceBackup roll40t ~ 50tCr3 ~ Cr8
Work roll
Cr5, 9Cr2Mo
Turbine generating rotorФ1.3m30CrNi4MoV, 30CrMoV
Motor rotorФ1.3m26Cr2Ni4MoV, 34CrNi3Mo
Forgings for ShipMaximum 80t
ModuleMan-width 2.7mP718, S55C, H13, 5CrMno
Ring-type, pie-type, axle-type and drum-type  piecesMaximum 80t42CrMo and etc.
Main axle of wind turbine2.5MW
Main axle of hydroelectric machineAbove 100MW
ForgingФ200 ~ 600mm
Product type
Product name
Specification model
Ironmaking equipmentHydraulic mud gun and taphole drillFor various blast furnaces
serial bucket type bell-less top equipmentFor various blast furnaces
Steelmaking equipmentConverter50 ~ 260tconverter
Electric furnace50 ~ 150tEAF
Continuous casting equipmentComplete production line equipment for square and round billet, slab casterLadle turret, tundish car, mould, segment, dummy bar device, dummy bar disconnection device and other spares.
Rolling equipmentCutting equipmentRolling mill,pre/hot/cold straightener, crop shear, dividing shear, double-side trimming shear, sampling shear, cooling bed, turnover machine, and various roller table and auxiliary equipment
Whole-set cold rolling equipmentRolling mill, circle shear, flying shear and tension leveler
Steel pipe production equipmentVarious pipe mill, puncher, spreading and reducing mill, sizing mill, hydrostatic testing machine, straightener, quenching mill, saw and finishing, heat treatment and cooling bed
Bar and wire rod rolling equipmentShort-stress rolling mill, flying shear, cold shear, sizing mill, roller table and cooling bed, etc.
Industrial furnace equipmentReheating furnace and equipment in furnace areaWalking beam heating furnace, walking bottom heating furnace, annular furnace, pushing reheating furnace, roller hearth type heating furnace, H-type steel heating furnace and various mechanical furnace equipment and spares.
Heat treatment furnace and equipment in furnace areaAnnular heat treatment furnace, roller hearth continuous heat treatment furnace, crank rocker dual-walking beam heat treatment furnace, bogie-type heat treating furnace, steel tube quenching, tempering furnace, vertical type continuous strip annealing furnace, horizontal type continuous strip annealing furnace, bell type annealing furnace and various mechanical furnace equipment and spares.
Product type
Product name
Specification and model
Steel rolling spare partRollBackup roll: Cr3, Cr4, Cr5 and Cr8; roll diameter ≤Φ1800mm, max unit weight (finished product): < 60t, length: <8m.
Working roll and intermediate roll: texture: MC2, MC3, MC4 and MC5; roll diameter: within Φ200- Φ1000mm, length: below 8m.
Tube rolling spare partMandrelDiameter:Φ100 ~ Φ550mm, length: ≤18000mm, H13
Continuous casting spare partContinuous casting rollFor various continuous casting equipment
Furnace kiln spare partBurnerFor various industrial furnaces
Furnace kiln spare partHeat-resistant cushion blockFor various industrial furnaces

GearGrinding bevel gear matched with hardened reducer, bevel gear of cone crusher, bevel gear matched with gear case of vertical coal mill, bevel gear of reducing mill stand, and large module and diameter bevel gear, etc.