Municipal Water

Urban Water Supply

CERI focuses on innovation and application of full range products of urban water supply including surface water treatment, depth treatment of slight-polluted source water, long distance water transmission pipelines, water supply network, intelligent water management, etc. with optimum performance and low cost.

Municipal Sewage Upgrading and Sludge Treatment & Disposal

CERI is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for municipal sewage upgrading and sludge treatment & disposal system of municipal sewage, municipal reclaimed water, urban and rural sewage and sewage from industrial parks.

Riverway Treatment

CERI is committed to prevention and controlling of waterlogging, water quality improvement of rivers and lakes with comprehensive technology of ecology combined with landscape. CERI can provide an integrated solution for riverside ecological restorations (revetment, floating island and submerged plants), and polluted river water treatment (emergency treatment, strengthening sludge abatement and sediment treatment) as well as landscape treatment.

CERI’s solution can meet the requirements of flood control and drainage in riverway. It can also meet the needs of basic ecological flow of rivers and essential volume and level of landscape water to maximum manage riverway safety under stormy weather.

Key Projects

Chengdu Water Treatment Plant and Pipe-Net

Jining Sludge Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) Demonstration Project