Industrial Architecture

CERI is certified by ISO9001 quality system and is the chief editor and management for the “National Steel Structure Design Standard”. There are four subsidiaries dedicated to building engineering business. CERI can provide building design, construction, supervision and project management. CERI has completed more than 5,000 structural designs and consulting projects successfully.

Based on the structural design of the steel industry, CERI has extended its business in other industrial buildings with remarkable achievements in comprehensive high-tech parks, equipment manufacturing, logistics, electronics, tobacco, new materials, automobiles, machinery, building materials, electric power, textiles, papermaking and other areas.

In civil buildings, CERI has advantages in the experienced design of super high-rise buildings, large public buildings, steel structure, seismic strengthening and foundation engineering, etc., as well as construction drawing review and design consulting.

Key Projects

Heibei Shijiazhuang Zhengding Airport Project

Shanghai Anbo Qingpu Warehousing Project

Shantou Industrial Park Project

  • Heibei Shijiazhuang Zhengding Airport Project

    Project scope:
    Public service facilities of airport building with area 30,000m²
  • Shanghai Anbo Qingpu Warehousing Project

    Project scope:
    This is an EPC project for double layer warehouse building of floorage 57,513m².
  • Shantou Industrial Park Project

    Project scope:
    The 5-floor industrial park construction with floorage 812,000m² completed by CERI.