Ind. Park & Landscape

Industrial park and Landscape

CERI is committed to creating public space that inspires happier intelligent communities. CERI uses modern design tools and concepts to combine the nature, humanity and art into the design practice and accumulated extensive experiences in landscape, business parks and industrial parks. CERI’s approach is to deliver what the client needs and cost efficientive price projects.


CERI provide a completed solution and platform including early geological study & measurement, planning & design, construction and management for various parks of integrated logistics, warehouse, iron and steel logistics, construction material logistics and agriculture product logistics by combining planning, landscape, industrial park and logistic together for clients with experienced professional team.

Key Projects

Inner Mongolia Logistics Park

Hebei Ecological & Healthy Project

Beijing Blue City Landscape Project

Fujian Tourist Distribution Center and Transport Terminal Project

  • Inner Mongolia Logistics Park

    Location: China
    Completion date: 2016
    Project scope:
    Designed land area is about 7.56km2 with structure concept of “Two-Major Two-Secundary, One-Core Three-Center, Four-Areas Multi-Cluster”:
    1) ”Two Major” development axes and “Two Secundary” development axes.
    2) ”One Core” service for business and public administration and “Three Center” including a residential service, a logistics service and a municipal utility center.
    3) “Four Areas Multi-Cluster” including operations for business & commercial, logistic, comprehensive services and residential areas.
  • Hebei Ecological & Healthy Project

    Location: China
    Completion time: 2012
    Project scope:
    3.82 rehabilitation leisure area is developed in several areas: vital communities & associated residential area, culture & entertainment area and continuous care retirement community & supporting service area.
  • Beijing Blue City Landscape Project

    Location: China
    Completion date: 2014
    Project scope:
    This project construction land area is about 61195.3㎡. The community divided into two areas separated by municipal branch.
    Design includes building general layout, comprehensive pipeline scheme, ground floor plan of the building, underground garage diagram and landscape scheme, etc. Landscape embedded the natural site, countryside and French architecture style, demonstrating a peaceful and friendly community with traditional and modern mixed, human culture and ecological coexisted, and the design concept of exquisite and simplification emphasized.
  • Fujian Tourist Distribution Center and Transport Terminal Project

    Location: China
    Completion time: 2015
    Project scope:
    “Two-axis”: Urban development axis and expressway connecting axis;
    “Two-belt”: A mountain landscape belt and an eco-landscape belt.
    “Four areas”: A transport hub area, a wetland landscape area, an ecological agriculture demonstration area and an administrative business area.
    “Multi-cluster”: Business cluster, residential cluster, landscape cluster, leisure, rehabilitation and vacation cluster, ecological agriculture demonstration cluster and administrative cluster.