CERI's Sustainable Commitment to Quality Management, Health, Safety and Environment

In 1996, CERI was the first engineering company to receive the Integrated Management System Certification for quality, environment, health and safety in metallurgical industry. CERI keeps its commitment to further improve its QM & HSE system for all business areas.

CERI provides a safe working environment

We Believe:

  • "Zero Incident" is an attainable objective
  • No job is worth a loss of life or injury
  • Health, safety and environmental issues can be systematically identified and managed

HSE Performance

CERI is proud of its safety record, and still strives for Zero Incident through continuously monitoring compliance and communicating CERI's safety expectations on the daily basis. CERI instills HSE discipline and urgency at all job sites and offices by continually raising the bar for the company and its contractors.

Managing HSE

CERI's Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System describes the company's philosophy and commitment to HSE details practices, plans and procedures to manage HSE. It allows CERI to support, measure and review how well it is integrating international standards of HSE excellence (such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) into the company's day to day business and projects.

Certification of National Qualification

CERI has obtained all related national industry licenses as the Comprehensive Qualification of National Engineering Supervision, Qualification of National Class A Engineering Consultation, Qualification of National Construction Enterprise, National Class A Tendering Agent of Engineering, Qualification of National Class A Construction Pricing and Qualification of National Class A Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects.